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Lorna Davis
Board Member, Seventh Generation, B Lab; Former CEO Danone North America

Anthea Kelsick 
C-suite business leader driving impact through innovation; Previous CEO of B Lab/B Corp U.S. & Canada

Martin Whittaker
CEO, JUST Capital; Member, Forbes Finance Committee; 2020 NACD Directorship 100; Business Insider’s 100 People Transforming Business (2020)

Anthea Kelsick
Martin Whittaker
Nell has developed powerful and practical tools for purpose-driven leaders looking to be part of the shift to stakeholder capitalism... Nell shows you how to evaluate your business with balance and perspective.
We can all use Nell’s powerfully simple framework to optimize the impact of all that we do, and how it benefits our teams, our businesses, society and the planet.
Combining inspiring vision with pragmatic and actionable tools is not easy, but this is exactly what Going First manages to achieve. It should be viewed as essential guidance in the movement toward stakeholder capitalism.


Dear Fellow Leader, 

First of all, yes, you. You are a leader. Whether you manage a team, a P&L, a household, or not, in 2021, we are all leaders. And we all need all of us to be leading the best we can.

This is an important moment. The world is suffering in so many ways. But as wise folks say, in crisis lies great opportunity. 

I wrote this book because we have a massive opportunity to evolve to a more inclusive, antiracist, and sustainable version of capitalism. And however and wherever we each ‘lead,’ there are myriad ways that we can ALL contribute to that evolution, every single day in our work and lives.

The best thing is that leading purposefully is GOOD for us! It makes us feel better, physically and mentally, as individuals. And more focused, motivated, creative, and fulfilled.

Purposeful leaders' teams are more productive, engaged, trusting, and innovative. And that translates really quickly into profitability. 

Finally, of course, leading purposefully is good for the world, and that means a healthy, prosperous, and equitable future for our grandkids and others who come next.

If you too think those Me-We-World benefits sound good, join me in Going First - it can feel a little scary at first, but once you see how good it feels, you’ll thank me for the invitation!  
If not us, who? If not now, when? 
AKA The Inspiring Cowgirl Queen


Get the tools and inspiration to lead purposefully, so that you can:

  • Feel better, mentally and physically
  • Have more ENERGY in your work and life 
  • Make life better for the people and planet around you
  • ​Attract the best colleagues, partners, and friends
  • ​Trust and be trusted
  • ​Empower others to be their best
  • ​Speak confidently about your ‘Why’
  • ​Build a powerful legacy


Nell Derick Debevoise helps purpose-driven leaders expand their impact, grow their businesses, and build legacies. Nell is both visionary and pragmatic, partnering with leaders to build companies that are good for the people and planet around them. 

Nell’s approach is informed by her experience living and working on 4 continents; study at Harvard, Cambridge, Universita di Roma, and Columbia and London Business Schools; and collaboration with CEOs, CPOs, and other leaders at companies including American Express, Cisco, Google, Kraft-Heinz, and hyper-growth startups in the health, consumer, and fintech sectors. 

Nell is a Senior Contributor for Forbes, and founder and CEO of Inspiring Capital, a certified B Corp that offers purposeful leadership development.
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